Charlie’s Story

Hi. Charlie here.

I remember when my brothers and I were young we made our own toys. We loved to take nails,
boards, wheels and whatever we could find and create something that we could pull each other
around in. We made boats, go carts, tree houses, hideouts, sail carts, you name it. We loved to
make things with our hands, My brother David became a carpenter and my brother Henry
became a hydraulics specialist and I became a welder.
In grammar school we learned about the different inventors. I was amazed that someone
could come up with an idea that no one else had ever thought of and get a patent on it so it
would be his and his alone. I said to myself, that’s what I want to be.
In 1983 I bought a Dobro because I loved the sound it made. There was no other sound like it.
It was invented by the Dopera brothers and they got a patent on it.
After learning a few songs I determined I needed a capo so I bought one. It sounded good
until I used it in a loud jam. That’s when I found out that it would not get any louder even if I
played it harder. I could barely hear myself playing. It was fairly easy to put on (with two hands)
and did not have enough volume so I bought myself another one. Well that one was so
complicated that I gave up trying to make it work so I bought myself another one.This one
sounded a little better but was harder to put on. There had to be a better way.
One day at work an idea came to me as to how to make a capo that could be put on with one
hand so I made one and guess what, it worked. I could not believe that no one else had thought
of it. Only one problem. When I took it to the jam, you guessed it, no volume. I had solved one
problem,easy to put on with one hand, but still no volume. So I set out to try to figure a way to
give it more volume.
Remember I am a welder and had been working with metal for 45 years. I knew that if you
took a hammer and hit a thin piece of metal it would go bing but if you hit a thick piece of metal it
would go bong so I made a capo that was wider, thus thicker. Wala! What a difference it made. I
was amazed at how much louder it became. Easy to put on with one hand and great volume,
tone and sustain. Everything I wanted in a capo.
It took me about two years but I finally got a patent on it so now I am an inventor and have a
patent some sixty years after I had became fascinated with the inventors in grammar school.
From that time on there was something in me that wanted to invent something and get it
patented and it happened.
The bible says that God will give you the desire of your heart and he has surely done that for
me. The bible also says that as a good father gives good gifts to his children so does your
heavenly father. Even my friends that do not believe in God admit that something is working for

If you know what your heart’s desire is, by all means pursue it.
If you don’t know, remember, it will not be found in your head. It will only be found in your heart.
(What you really really really want to be.)
Thanks- Charlie.

Charlie’s Slide Pro Capo


It has excellent volume, tone and sustain and is extremely easy to install with one hand. No adjusting screws, nuts or levers to fool with. Just press the sliding wedge adjuster inward to set capo to string tension(Pat. # U.S. 9,196,231 B2). Hand machined solid stainless steel.Made in Magnolia Springs, Alabama USA.

If you have ever longed for a capo that you could put on with one hand and put it on fast, you need this capo.

If you have ever been in a loud jam and when you put your capo on your volume went down so you could hardly hear yourself playing, you need this capo.

If you are dissatisfied with the capo (or capos) you have,you need this capo.

If you are new to dobro playing, you need this capo.It may be the only capo you will ever need to buy.

This capo will work on dobro type square neck guitars, lap steel guitars and Weissenborn guitars if the string height is no less then 1/4 inch above the fret board and the string width is no wider then 2-1/8th inch.

I personally think this capo addresses all of the issues we have had with dobro type capos for many years.

– Charlie

Detailed Info.

This capo will work on Dobro type guitars, Lap steel guitars, Weissenborn guitars and Petal steel guitars if the string height is over 1/4 inch above the fret and the string width is not over 2-1/8 inch wide. I can make a special longer capo for guitars with wider string widths or more then 6 strings.

It is made of solid 303 stainless steel.

It weighs 5 ounces.

The tubing used is 1/8th inch inside diameter by x 1/4 inch outside diameter Tygon gas line that can be purchased at auto parts stores (Carquest) or Ebay.

This capo was specifically designed to be installed and removed with one hand.

If installed properly it will not put the guitar out of tune.

It will work and sound good at most any fret.

If you are not satisfied wit the capo for any reason I will refund the cost of the capo.

Charlie’s Slide Pro Tone Bar


I also make tone (slide) bars.The bar sells for $75.00
Charlie’s Slide Pro Tone Bar, “The S T Special” in honor of Steve Toth who with out him I would not be in the bar business.Thanks Steve.

Detailed Info.

  • The bar is made of 303 stainless steel.
  • It weighs 6 ounces.
  • It is 2-7/8 inch long.
  • It is 1 inch high.
  • If for any reason you are not satisfied I will refund the cost of the bar.


When you use this capo you will find that it is the easiest capo to put on and take off.

Simply hold the capo between your thumb and middle finger, tilt the capo so the wedge adjuster slides out and set the capo down parallel with the strings between the 3rd and 4th strings.

Line up the front edge of the capo with the fret.(The edge facing you.)

With your pointer finger squeeze the wedge adjuster inward a little bit until you feel it making contact with the strings.

Do a final line up with the fret and then squeeze the adjuster again.

Do not squeeze to tight.Just enough so the capo will not move if it is bumped and you don’t hear any buzzing.If the capo is set to tight it will cause the small strings to go sharp. It will also prematurely wear out the tubing. The tubing is 1/8 ID x 1/4 OD Tygon gas line that can be bought at Carquest Auto part stores or Ebay.

With use you will learn how much to pressure to use.Have fun!
– Charlie

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Capo Questions

Yes. if you are not satisfied wit the capo for any reason I will refund the cost of the capo.

The capo will work and sound good where ever you place it.

No, if the capo is installed properly.

The tubing is 1/8th inch inside diameter by x 1/4 inch outside diameter Tygon gas line that can be purchased at auto parts stores (Carquest) or Ebay.

The capo weighs 5 ounces.

This capo is made of solid 303 stainless steel.

No, unless a higher nut is installed.

This capo will work on Dobro type guitars,Lap steel guitars, Weissenborn guitars and Petal steel guitars if the string height is over 1/4 inch above the fret and the string width is not over 2-1/8 inch wide. I can make a special longer capo for guitars with wider string widths or more then 6 strings.

Bar Questions



The bar is 1 inch high.

The standard bar is 2-7/8 inch long

The bar weighs 6 ounces .

The bar is made of 303 stainless steel.

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John Charles

best ever Bar n Capo…

Trapper Wyatt

I like mine. Truly a one handed capo.

Leonard Swanson

No question, best capo ever!

Roy Barnes

Love my Charlie’sSlide Pro capo. My Bradley capo is a great product but in my opinion Charlie’s has a little edge in that due to its design it gives me control over the amount of pressure applied to the strings and it also stores conveniently on the strings above the nut when not in use. Charlie is also a super nice guy to do business with.

Ronnie Woods

Charlie’sSlide Capo and Bar, Everyone Dobro Player Should have One,!!!

Stuart Jenkins

Fantastic capo,brilliant piece of engineering that works perfectly.

Leslie Abbott

Charlie couldn’t be a nicer fellow. I spoke with him a few times when I was unsure about buying the capo in the first place. He said try it out and if I didn’t like it I could send it back. I got it and never looked back! It’s perfect- so easy to use, elegant and never slips. Thank you for your genius and hard work Charlie!

Tom Delorge

Absolutely love my Charlie Capo. Easy to manipulate with one hand and such great tone! I too, have gone through all the others, but this is my favorite… hands down.

Frank Poindexter

It’s my primary capo now!

Steve Menasco

I bought and used three different capos until I found the Bradley. The Bradley is head and shoulders above the others. That is, until I bought one of Charlie’s Slide Pro Capos. I thought no other capo would sideline a Bradley, but Charlie’sSlide did.

Jimmy Heffernan

Charlie’sSlide Pro Capo is hands down the best Dobro capo on the planet. No volume loss, no tone loss and you can put it on with one hand. There simply is nothing that matches this capo.

Steve Toth

Charlie’s Slide Pro Capos” are by far the best dobro capos in the Universe! They slide on and off so easily with just one hand. And they lock tight smoothly on the strings by Charlie’s unique “sliding wedge” mechanism but they don’t bend the strings out of shape. And the tone is “Out of this World” – the sound with the capo on is as good as open strings with no loss of tone or sustain. And they look sleek and beautiful permanently since they are made of stainless steel! Just try one out yourself and you’ll want one of your own!

Doug Henderson

Charlie’s Slide Pro Capos will go down in the books as solving many problems with capo’s. The ease of use and tone is unmatched. And, his bars are at the top…………..”BAR” none

John D. Moore

I’ve been making dobro capos for about 20+ years. I recently acquired one of Charlie’s and it blew mine outta the water. I gave him my last homemade capo to go into his collection of “obsolete capos“. The key to dobro capos is “weight”, too light, and the sound is muffled and the tone is thin. Too heavy, and it’s cumbersome. Charlie’s is perfect. He has tweaked it by trial and error, and by following the advice of some of the more prominent dobroists of our time and has produced the ultimate capo. I don’t think we’ll see it surpassed. It’s the Rolls Royce of capos.

Morten Kleven

Charlie’s capo is a dream come true! No loss of tone or sustain, and it’s really quick and easy to use. The use of one moving part makes it easy to get in tune in quick transitions between the songs. Charles is also truly service minded, and a really nice guy!

Colin Henry

Charlie’s capo and bar have even made their mark all the way over here in Ireland. The best capo and bar I have ever used and the only ones I use now. Charlie is also a true gentleman and got the capo and bar across the Atlantic in short order. Great service all round.

Jack Wheeler

I love my Charlie’sSlide Pro Capo. It is so easy to put on and take off. The tone is great, even up on the 5th fret and above!

Tad Smith

Charlie’s Pro Slide Capo should be a case study in simple design. One moving part, easy to use, nothing to break, sounds great.

Mac Tosh

Got all of Charlie’s products and they are the best. Well thought out, well designed and beautifully functional! Keep em coming!

Corey Lee McQuade

Charlie’s Pro Slide Capo is the best capo I have ever used. Putting it on is fast and easy only taking one hand but that’s only half of it. It has enough mass to it so that is doesn’t loose any tone as you move it up the fretboard. The sound is rich and full like a tone bar. Charlie’s tone bar is the most comfortable and smoothest bar I have used. It feels like part of your hand and glides like air.

Danny Lee Allison

Charlie’s Steve Toth bar is my go to slide. I can grip it with such ease and have not had any fatigue and cramping in my bar hand since. The tone I get from it ,is clear and full. Thanks for a great product.

Mike Bennett

I have and use both, they are absolutely TOP SHELF. Not to mention he is a fine gentleman!!